About Us - The Ballers Bank

The Ballers Bank is an Entertainment Technology (ET) company that specializes in selling sports cards through digital media platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. We offer a wide variety of mid to high end boxes for personal purchases to add to your collection. 

The Ballers Bank is a leader in The Hobby: 


The BALLER Difference: 

  • Live on Instagram
  • Fast and Free Shipping in US 
  • Offering Shipping Protection for Lost & Stolen Packages 
  • Carbon Neutral. Net Zero Shipping. Committed to our planet
  • Multiple Payment Options, including, Buy Now, Pay Later Solutions
  • Bounties & Prizes that are 2nd to none
  • Grading Services with on-going updates 
  • Slabs4Ca$h: Asset Lending 
  • Baller Rewards: Rip. Grade. Sell. Get rewarded.


G Wrex BREAKER - @gwrexxx - The Ballers Bank
G Wrex

BREAKER - @gwrexxx

Favorite Teams: 49ers | Warriors | SF Giants

Favorite Product: Flawless FOTL | National Treasures FOTL | Eminence

Most Memorable Pull: "My biggest pull as of late is from 2020 National Treasures Football FOTL Justin Herbert STARS & STRIPES Rookie. However, my favorite pull of all time comes from 1996 Topps Finest, a Kobe Bryant refractor w/ coating rookie card. I loved the nostalgia and the fact that it is truly a piece of basketball history. RIP MAMBA."

Nate aka
Nate aka "Shakes"

BREAKER - @uknownate

Favorite Teams: Lions | Pistons | Tigers

Favorite Product: Honors | Prizm

Most Memorable Puil: "My biggest pull was on my very first night live. Lamelo Ball true RPA out of 2020-21 National Treasure Basketball. My most memorable pull was a 2017 Contenders Draft Class Patrick Mahomes auto hand numbered /2 out of 2020 Honors."

The Nij aka
The Nij aka "Golden Fingers"

BREAKER - @the_nij

Favorite Teams: 49ers | Warriors | SF Giants

Favorite Product: Contenders | Donruss Optic | White Sparkle

Most Memorable Pull: "My BIGGEST pull would be the Scottire Barnes Rookie 1 of 1 White Sparkle Auto. That pack also had a Scottie Barnes Rookie behind it! Justin Herbert Rookie on card from 2020 Optic Contenders and Joe Burrow Rookie on card from 2020 Donruss Optic were also my favorites."

David WEB DEVELOPER - @david_hangman - The Ballers Bank

WEB DEVELOPER - @david_hangman

Favorite Teams: 49ers | Warriors | SF Giants | Cal Football & Basketball

Favorite Product: Contenders | Prizm | Select

Most Memorable Pull: "My 2 favorite pulls I got to witness in person were a Justin Herbert Orange Pulsar RPA from 2020 Select with G & Shakes and the time Nij pulled the Scottie Barnes Rookie Auto 1 of 1 White Sparkle. Absolutely amazing nights."