Official Rules
Get Your Roll On
  1. Dice Rolls are FREE
  2. If you don't hit any prizes (5-9 or 26-30), you will receive BREAK CREDIT, equivalent to the amount you spent to rip any product you want! Including Boxes, Packs, or Breaks!
  3. Break Credit from Dice rolls can't be used for more Dice Rolls or Duck Races
  4. Bounties for the Dice Rolls are subject to change at any time.
  5. Dice Rolls are Free and come with the purchase of a box or packs.
Baller Mines

Baller Mines are an extra BONUS! Mines are distributed amongst boxes and provide you the opportunity to hit prizes $2,000+ for FREE!

Daily Duck Races to win Break Credit and Bonus Credit on the house! - The Ballers Bank
Official Rules
It all starts with a duck race...
  1. Duck Race credits can be used on ripping packs or boxes, Baller Rolls, or more Duck Races.
  2. You may use credit for up to 2 spots per race.
  3. No credit may be used in “Give Back”, “Bonus”, or “Mystery” races
  4. No purchase necessary to enter duck races
Official Rules
Spin it to Win it
  1. Baller Wheel is FREE
  2. Spend a minimum of $180 on packs or boxes and spin the wheel for FREE!
  3. Prizes won on the Baller Wheel must be used within 7 days or will expire
  4. Prizes on the Baller Wheel are subject to change at any time
SPIN THE WHEEL - The Ballers Bank